Client Says
  • Josh

    The integration with email and iDSS has made my life as an advertiser much easier. I can connect to our Partners with the click of a button.

  • Jack

    You helped the us improve our exceptional customer experience by providing a robust CRM. As we move forward I anticipate even greater things from iDSS. You personally have a never say no attitude and as a customer I greatly appreciate your counseling and recommendations as to how to tackle the challenge.

  • Nikki

    iDSS for our organization has done some wonderful things to keep us automated and able to access information at any time. Our iDSS integrates with our website for visitor guide inquiries. Everything loads into iDSS without any extra steps, just printing the labels mailing the guides and moving on!

  • Danika

    I have nothing but highest praise for the iDSS system and most importantly to me, their team. They are responsive, fair, knowledgeable and totally open to client suggestions to enhance the existing product.